About the Editors

Photo on 12-2-13 at 8.42 PM #2

Delaney “Lane” Rose, AKA Wednesday- (Founder. Editor of fiction, poetry, and visual art). Lane is a 23-year-old lesbian graduate student studying Library Science and living in Orlando with her sister and colleague, Augusta. Wednesday has worked as an editor, research assistant, animal handler, retail zombie, and freelance author in the past. They are a second-generation practicing witch. Lane was a very nervous child who was afraid of everything until she met a friend named Megan who was obsessed with ghosts and dragged her into allegedly-haunted houses and abandoned buildings. When Lane asked Megan why she sought out scary things, Megan said “Sometimes it’s fun to be scared, and I’m not scared because I understand ghosts!” After that, Lane learned all she could about the things that scared her and became fascinated by them rather than scared. Lane has several pieces of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry published and is currently working on her first novel, Frankenstein’s Mother as well as a collection of macabre fairy tales entitled Bedtime Stories for Goats.



Augusta “Gussie” Leigh- (Co-Founder. Editor of Non-Fiction, video, and music). Gussie is a 23-year-old graduate student studying Library Sciences living in Orlando with their sister and colleague, Lane. Gussie is an expert on Frankenstein and everything to do with Shelleys’ and can often be found annotating at least ten books at once while doing research and listening to The Smiths. (Also, Mary Shelley is their dead girlfriend and that’s all there is to it). They have published several pieces of non-fiction as well as edited an e-Zine of their own, entitled You are Cordially Invited, and has also moderated several literary blogs in the past. They are currently working on…everything! Gussie is a dedicated, excitable person who is always busy and has a fascination with the macabre.


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